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Join us this week for our 5 Year Anniversary Special and Guest Hall of Fame Inductions. This year we are adding 7 new inductees to our Guest Hall of Fame: former Steelers LB Levon Kirkland, former Patriots RB Tony Collins, Root Sports Pittsburgh TV Host Paul Alexander, former Chiefs WR Eddie Kennison, former Chief WR J.J. Birden, former Saints DB Toi Cook and former Chargers DB Vencie Glenn.

Levon Kirkland - Levon was our very first guest on episode 1 of the show 5 years ago. We got Levon's reaction to Chad Brown's story that the Steelres coaches were reluctant to call out Greene and Lloyd when they jumped off sides, always saying to the 4 of them that "We" can't jump off sides.

Tony Collins - Tony was our 2nd Guest Hall of Fame inductee of the night plus we got his 5 Star Picks of the Week.

Paul Alexander - Paul told the story of the first time he sat down to interview Chuck Noll and being so nervous he could barely speak. He also talked about the unfortunate negative nature of mainstream media.

Eddie Kennison - Eddie talked about wanting to help people, always trying to keep things positive and being able to sleep well at night.

J.J. Birden - J.J. gave us his inisights on his alma mater the Oregon Ducks as well as his former team the Kansas City Chiefs. We'll also talk about his ability to be a successful Wide Receiver in the NFL even though he was the smallest player in the league.

Vencie Glenn - Vencie talked about keeping things real, what it was like being inducted into the Indiana State Hall of Fame the same weekend when he lost his father and the message he wants kids to takeaway from the times he gets to speak with them.

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This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Browns DB Felix Wright, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, Executive Director of the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Anne, Jewell, former Falcons QB Chris Millers and former Packers Offensive Lineman Bill Ferrario.

Felix Wright - Hear Felix talk about the Monday Night game against the Rams when he intercepted 2 passes, returning 1 for a touchdown earning him the nickname Mr. Monday Night. He also talked about his incredible journey from being a history and PE teacher to becoming a CFL All-Star and later leading the NFL in interceptions.

Tony Collins - Hear our 5 Star Picks of the Week with Tony, Bob and I.

Anne Jewell - Anne shared the latest exhibits at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory including the barnstorming Arabian Knight like uniform worn by Babe Ruth which earned him the nickname the Sultan of Swat when he played on a team with Robert Ripley who later started Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Chris Miller - Chris shared his insights and expectations for his alma mater the Oregon Ducks and his former team the Atlanta Falcons for this season. He also talk about concussions ending his playing career and which QBs he enjoys watching now.

Bill Ferrario - Bill shared his thoughts on his alma mater the Wisconsin Badgers and their big opening week win over LSU. He also talked about Brett Favre's Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech and his thoughts on the the Packers this season.

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This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Steelers, Seahawks & Patriots Pro Bowl LB Chad Brown, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former Cowboys RB Sherman Williams, Georgia Tech Hall of Famer and former Bills RB Joe Burns, College Football Hall of Famer and former Bengals Pro Bowl NT Tim Krumrie.

Chad Brown - We'll talk with Chad about his alma mater the University of Colorado, his memories of playing alongside new Hall of Famer Kevin Greene, and how he expects Bill Belichick to handle the loss of Tom Brady for the first 4 games of the season.

Tony Collins - We'll talk Fantasy Football with Tony and his roster in our Thursday Night Tailgate Fantasy Football League.

Sherman Williams - We'll talk with Sherman about his alma mater the University of Alabama. We'll look back to their National Championship victory over Clemson, we'll look ahead to this season plus we'll get his thoughts on Dak Prescott now that he's thrust into taking over as the starting QB in Dallas.

Joe Burns - We'll hear what it was like for Joe being inducted into Georgia Tech Sports Hall of Fame. We'll get his insights into this year's team plus his thoughts on the job Rex Ryan has done up in Buffalo.

Tim Krumrie - We'll talk to Tim about his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Tim never missed a single game in college or the NFL as a Nose Tackle, we'll talk about his determination to keep that streak going. We'll also talk about the concussions he suffered and the experimental treatment he's going through to improve blood flow in his brain.

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This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: the Founder & Creator of Guardian Caps Lee Hanson, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former University of Alabama, Colts & Dolphins star LB Barry Krauss, former Steelers Pro Bowl LB Greg Lloyd and former Pitt and Packers DB Tom Flynn.

Lee Hanson - We'll get an update from Lee on the advancements they've made with Guardian Caps. Over 50 D1 colleges now use Guardian Caps during the week to help reduce the impact of helmet to helmet contact during practice. The growth of the product from a few high schools to now over 60,000 being in use by major college programs speaks to the difference it makes.

Tony Collins - We'll talk about a potential players strike and lockout looming when the current collective bargaining agreement ends in 2021 and what it was like during the 2 work stoppages that happened while he was in the league.

Greg Lloyd - We'll talk with Greg about what it was like being one of the most feared players in the game back in the 90's. We'll also get his thoughts on his former teammate Kevin Greene's induction into the Hall of Fame and his memories of being a part of one of the great Linebacking corps in Steelers history.

Tom Flynn - We'll talk to Tom about his days at Pitt and the old Pitt/Penn State rivalry. We'll also hear his stories about what it was like playing at Lambeau Field particularly in the dead of winter and his rookie season back in 1984 when he burst onto the scene finishing 2nd in the league with 9 Interceptions.

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This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former Hockey All-Star Bernie Nicholls, former Cardinals DB Kwamie Lassiter and former Raiders & Lions QB Rusty Hilger.

Tony Collins - Wel talked with Tony about his thoughts on the pending PED investigation against James Harrison, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and Mike Neal. Would he agree to an interview for something the League can't substantiate and the accuser has recanted?

Bernie Nicholls - We'll get his thoughts on NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman plus the craziest story he's heard about the adventures of the Stanley Cup, the best goalie he ever faced and what it was like playing alongside Wayne Gretzky.

Kwamie Lassiter - We'll hear how a kid from Hampton, Virginia ended up playing his college ball at Kansas. We'll also talk about the big year he had in 1998 intercepting 8 passes and his time playing for Buddy Ryan.

Rusty Hilger - We'll get Rusty's thoughts on his alma mater Oklahoma State for this coming season, and his memories of playing there in the early to mid 80's..

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This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Falcons FB Fred McCrary, former Patriots RB Tony Collins, former Patriots RB JR Redmond, former Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown and Cowboys Hall of Fame DT Bob Lilly.

Fred McCrary - We got Fred's insights from Falcons' training camp. We also talked about whether the FB position is being phased out of the game and what his health is like now and does he fear the future.

Tony Collins - This week we talked with Tony about playing in preseason games and whether he played worry free in those games or if potential injury in a meaningless game weighed on his mind.

JR Redmond - We got JR's assessment of his alma mater Arizona State. We also talked about the reception he still gets from Patriots fans when he goes back to Foxboro plus his memories from the final drive in the snow bowl against the Raiders in the 2001 AFC Championship.

Ronnie Brown - We talked about a kid from the suburbs of Atlanta got away from the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech and played his college ball at Auburn. He also got his thoughts on the direction of Auburn plus his opinion of fellow Auburn alumni Sammy Coates and Cam Newton.

Bob Lilly - We looked back over Bob's Hall of Fame career. We learned why he chose to play his college ball at TCU, who he grew up rooting for since Texas didn't have a pro football team in the 50's. We heard what it was like to be the Cowboys first draft pick ever and his memories of playing for Tom Landry.

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This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Cowboys, Giants and Patriots LB Steve DeOssie; former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins; former Steelers, Panthers and Jets WR Dwight Stone; former Steelers Tackle Marvel Smith and former Yankees and Rangers Outfielder Billy Sample.

Steve DeOssie - We talked with Steve DeOssie about being a part of the Giants Super Bowl championship team in 1990 and what he was doing as the Bills Scott Norwood's potential game winning Field Goal was sailing wide right. We'll also talk about he and his son Zack being the only father/son combination to win Super Bowls with the same team, and ending his career by playing for his hometown New England Patriots.

Tony Collins - We talked with Tony aboutsome great TEs that he got to play with like Russ Francis, plus his training camp memories and former teammate Greg Hawthorne.

Dwight Stone - We heard Dwight's training camp memories, particularly during his time with the Steelers in Latrobe. After retiring from the NFL, Dwight was a member of the Charlotte police force for many years. Dwight shared his thoughts on all the recent police related violence and how we can come back together as a society.

Marvel Smith - We talked to Marvel about his memories from Super Bowl 40, what it was playing playing next to Alan Faneca and got his assessment of the Steelers current offensive line.

Billy Sample - Billy talked about his new book: "A Year in Pinstripes...And Then Some" which chronicles his 1985 with the New York Yankees. He talked about the 45th anniversary of his high school football team's game in the State championship which just also happens to be depicted in the movie "Remember the Titans".

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Our guests this week on Thursday Night Tailgate are: Actor turned ESPN Radio Announcer Matthew Laurance, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former LA Dodgers General Manager Fred Claire, former Eagles LB Kevin Reilly and former University of Georgia and CFL All-Star WR Terrence Edwards.

Matthew Laurance - We'll talk with Matthew about his acting days particular his role in the cult classic Eddie and The Cruisers. We'll also about his current role with ESPN radio broadcasting Duke basketball for several years and now doing Kentucky basketball games. We'll also talk about his passion for golf and relationship with former Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakefield.

Tony Collins - This week we'll get Tony's thoughts on his alma mater East Carolina and what the transition was like for him when his playing career was over. Was he prepared when the Dolphins cut him and football was no longer going to be his livelihood?

Fred Claire - Fred started out as the LA Dodgers Public Relations Manager in 1969 and later became their General Manager in 1987.We'll talk about trades that went right like bringing in Kirk Gibson and winning the 1988 World Series. We'll talk about trades that went wrong like trading Pedro Martinez to the Expos for Delino DeShields. Plus we'll hear about what he's doing now.

Kevin Reilly - Kevin is a former LB for the Eagles. He's now one of their radio Announcers. We'll get his insights on the upcoming season and his memories from being in Eagles training camp.

Terrence Edwards - Terrence played his college ball at the Univeristy of Georgia. We'll get his thoughts on new Georgia Head Coach Kirby Smart who is also a Georgia Alumni. We'll also talk about how he went from a journeyman players with multiple teams in the Canadian Football League to becoming a Top 5 Wide Receiver in 2007. What changed? We'll hear what Terrence has to say.

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On this episode of Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Colts & Dolphins FB Don Nottingham, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former Falcons WR Brian Finneran, former Dolphins LB Dwight Hollier and former Jets & Dolphins Offensive Lineman John Bock.

Don Nottingham - We talked with Don about his training camp memories and compared his experience to how training camps are today. We'll also talk about the Fullback position and if it has a future in the NFL plus we looked back to his Super Bowl experience in 1973 vs. what the Super Bowl is like today.

Tony Collins - Tony is a motivational speaker now. We asked Tony what it's like trying to be an uplifting speaker when we're hammered all day long with negative stories and videos by the media.We also talked about how we can stop hating and do more loving, and how today's young people need to have more respect for authority.

Brian Finneran - We talked with Brian about his experience being a radio analyst and calling the National Championship basketball game between his alma mater Villanova and North Carolina. He was 20 feet away from the game winning shot. Hear Brian talk about what it was like when that shot went in. We also talked about his playing days at Vilanova and winning the 1-AA version of the Heisman plus we got his insights on the Falcons for this upcoming season.

Dwight Hollier - Dwight's alma mater, North Carolina, was on the opposite end of the basketball National Championship game, he discussed the agony of defeat. Dwight is now the Vice President of Wellness & Clinical Services for the NFL, he discussed what the League is doing to improve the health of current and former players. He also shared his thoughts on the Dolphins for this upcoming season.

John Bock - John is one of the great offensive minds out there, but he isn't going to coach anymore, he tells us why. We also got his thoughts on where the Dolphins are and how he would approach Ndamukong Suh in order to get him engaged as a leader.

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On this edition of Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, the Founder and Inventor of ShockStrip Helmet pad Dr. Steven Novicky, former Titans, Panthers & Rams LB Will Witherspoon, and former Cardinals & Dolphins Pro Bowl LB E.J. Junior.

Mike Bass - We'll talk to Mike about being forever linked with former Dolphins Kicker Garo Yepremian for his interception return for a TD in Super Bowl 7 but what most people don't know is they were teammates with the Lions and good friends before that play ever happened.

Tony Collins - This week we'll talk to Tony about the cloud that looms over Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's legacy...Spygate and Deflate Gate. Will Witherspoon who will join us later in the show has also alleged that even prior to Spygate the Patriots may have taped the Panthers practices prior to Super Bowl 38.

Dr. Steven Novicky - We have long believed that StockStrips should be required on every football helmet to reduce the impact of helmet to helmet contact. We'll get an update on Doc on the growing number of schools and teams using ShockStrips and the results they're seeing.

Will Witherspoon - We'll talk with Will about his and his former teammates suspicion that the Patriots were taping the Panthers practices prior to Super Bowl 38. Super Bowl 38 took place 3 years before Spy Gate, so were the Patriots cheating even sooner than we thought? We'll hear what Will thinks..

E.J. Junior - We'll talk with E.J. about having his name on the ballot for the 2017 College Football Hall of Fame. We'll hear what election would mean to him. We'll get his emotions during and after Alabama won the National Championship and we'll talk about his new role as Defensive Line Coach at Delaware State.

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