"You have to love these guys Chris Mascaro and Bob Lazzari are the best in the business. Thanks for allowing us to share our lives." Leonard Wheeler, former Bengals DB

"I really like how your show feels more like just a few friends sitting around talking sports. That’s the way radio should be, but isn’t for the most part. The only thing that was missing was a couple drinks and a hotdog. Thank you for having me on." Isaac Byrd, former Panthers WR

"Thank you for having me on. I love talking ball/current events with you guys. It’s hard to find good people in this world. I’m blessed that I have two. Congrats on your two years and I pray for many more. God bless." Todd Washington, Ravens Assistant Offensive Line Coach

"I highly recommend present and past athletes to join Chris on the Thursday Night Tailgate. Chris is fun, pleasant, energetic and as an interviewer, he has a special touch that allows the participant to fulfill not only the initial questions asked; Chris allows the interviewee the relevant space to add material that is important to themselves, their teammates and maybe even a special inside story or two…that has never been told. Such insight and such fun!! I encourage all to join in to the Thursday Night Tailgate and hear/add some stories and tales that you WILL ONLY get from the source…NOT get from beat writers or main stream media. While following Chris and his long list of guests, I’ll be listening with much anticipation…and of course….ready to pounce in with my two cents worth when I hear a tail of a tale…or just maybe I‘ll add a bit of a stretch of the legend just to have the interviewee find a sense of humility. Look out guests, you’ve been forewarned! Cheers to continued success!!" Jim Everett, former Rams QB

"It was my PLEASURE to have the opportunity to be a guest on your show! I look forward to the possibility of joining you again in the future…I definitely enjoyed the interview! Some of those questions really brought back some good ol’ memories, but also made me think back on different aspects of my playing career from college on thru to the NFL…which I hadn’t done in a while! It was refreshing to reminisce on some good times & share them with you & your audience! THANX again!! Wish you guys continued success." Marvel Smith, former Steelers OT

"Thanks so much for the opportunity!  I admire what you are doing and the stories and lives you share!  You have certainly picked up a Thursday night fan!! Thanks so much for your class and the way you handle your show!  Very impressive!" Pittsburgh Passion Co-Owner Teresa Conn

"Loved being on Thursday Night Tailgate! All that was missing was the barbecue and margaritas! Love spending time reminiscing with Chris and Bob. Keep up good work!" Toi Cook, former Saints DB

"I get a lot of media requests but the one I look forward to the most is being on with Chris and Angelo! Great guys without agenda or bias (well, we know Chris loves the Steelers). They just want to hear and share our stories. It’s a great show to be on and a great show to listen to because it’s not about them, it’s about the players and their tall, and not so tall, tales!" Chad Brown, former Steelers & Seahawks LB

"These guys rock! I had the pleasure of being a guest on the show – they love to have fun, are always prepared as hosts to maximize their guests with informed history and great questions that give listeners the “inside view” of current and former players and coaches! If you haven’t listened to Thursday Night Tailgate, you are missing out on a great show! Tune in, I promise you will love it!!" Shane Nelson, former Bills LB

"Thank you very much brother Chris. Dee and I are so grateful for the opportunity to share with you guys, and to be a part of something so positive. We would love to be on your show again in the very near future. Once again, we’re grateful. Keep up the good work. God bless you guys." Tim Worley, former Steelers RB

"Had a great interview with @ctmascaro Keep up da great work bruh." Reggie Kelly, former Bengals & Falcons TE

"I really enjoyed being on! You guys are first class." Prairie View A&M Head Coach Willie Simmons

"Thank you for having me on as your guest. When you’re 66 it feels good sometimes to feel special, and you guys made me feel just that way. The research that was done made the interview seem stronger to me. It painted a better picture of the soul behind the voice. Thanks for the homework you guys did leading up to the interview. I would be honored to be your guest again. The films settlement arguments may be a hot topic for good conversation." Ed White, former Vikings & Chargers Guard

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