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April 14, 2017

Rickey Foggie, Tony Collins, M.L. Harris, Jed Weaver, & Roosevelt Potts


On this edition of Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former University of Minnesota and CFL star QB Rickie Foggie, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former Bengals TE M.L. Harris, former Dolphins, Patriots & 49ers TE Jed Weaver, and former Colts RB Roosevelt Potts.

Rickie Foggie - Rickey shared his insights on his alma mater the University of Minnesota who fired their Head Coach after he led them to 9 wins, the most in nearly 15 years. He also talked what it was like playing up in the CFL for the Tornto Argonauts the year they signed Rocket Ismail to a contract that exceeded the total salaries of the rest of the team.

Tony Collins - Tony shared memories from his draft day plus what it was like showing up at training camp the first day, how he ascended up the depth chart and the way some veterans viewed the new kid drafted to potentially take their places.

M.L. Harris - M.L. also talked about his time playing in the CFL and what it was like starting out as a RB and transitioning to TE. He talked about coming back to the NFL to play for his home state Cincinnati Bengals, requesting a trade because they weren't using him right and watching 2 time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin go through the same thing struggle of not used properly in their offense.

Jed Weaver - Jed shared his memories of playing at the University of Oregon in a high powered offense with QB Akili Smith. He shared stories of the rivalry with Oregon State and their double OT loss in 1998. He also shared his thoughts on playing for Andy Reid, Dave Wannstedt and Bill Belichick and why Belichick and the Patriots are so much more successful than everyone else.

Roosevelt Potts - Rossevelt talked about what it was like teaming with Marshall Faulk in Indianapolis, requesting a trade when it was clear that Marshall was going to be the man, but being denied. He talked about how he adjusted to a new role as lead blocker, plus his frustration at having to watch 1995 AFC Championship Game against Pittsburgh; a memory he's trying to forget.

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