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February 10, 2017

Brian Baker, Tony Collins, Mike Bass, Chad Finn, & Beau Bock


On this episode of Thursday Night Tailgate we talked in great length about the Super Bowl with former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, Boston Globe Reporter Chad Finn and the Dean of Atlanta Sports Talk Radio Beau Bock. We also talked Mississippi State football with their Defensive Line Coach Brian Baker and Super Bowl thoughts and memories with former Redskins DB Mike Bass, who played in Super Bowl 7 against the undefeated Miami Dolphins. Also in our Spotlight on the Positive segment to hear 2 more stories of players doing great things in their communities.

Brian Baker - Brian talked about Mississippi State's defense and what they need to do in order to get more pressure on the QB in 2017. He also talked about how intense the rivalry is between them and Ole Miss and how important it was to Mississippi State fans that they won the Egg Bowl last season.

Tony Collins - Tony talked about how he thought the Patriots were done and the Super Bowl was over early in the 3rd quarter when the Falcons went up 28-3; going so far to post a congratulations message to Falcons fans on Facebook. He took us threw the mistakes the Falcons made that gave the Patriots a glimmer of hope and how unbelievable it was that the Patriots were able to pull out that victory.

Mike Bass - Mike shared his thoughts on the Super Bowl as well. He said the Falcons mistake was being conservative on defense in the 2nd half. "If you get beat, get beat being aggressive." He shared his memories of playing in Super Bowl 7 against the undefeated Dolphins. He took us through the play that still haunts him to this day, one that he feels could have tied that game up. He also spoke the Redskins philosophy at the time about why you play veteran players and let someone else develop rookies.

Chad Finn - Chad took us through his range of emotions during the Super Bowl, he starting to write about their demise through 3 quarters. He talked about how the math was just not on the Patriots side for number possessions left and time on the clock...until it was. He shared when the moment was when he finally started to think, hey they have a shot here to pull this off. We also got Chad's early thoughts on the Red Sox pitching staff for 2017.

Beau Bock - Beau shared the anguish and shock of Atlanta sports fans following the game and where he thinks things went wrong. But Beau also put a positive spin on things saying the Falcons weren't even supposed to be there. No one thought they'd be a Super Bowl contender this year and yet there they were. He said this is a team on the rise and the Atlanta media needs to be focused on that instead of what a failure the Super Bowl was.

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